Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Desert Museum

Wow, two new posts in one day!! Last weekend, we went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum which lies in the mountains west of Tucson. It's called a museum, but it's actually more like a Desert zoo!! Anyway, my mom and I took the kids to it a few days ago and we took a couple of pictures.

Here's Adam in a cave at the Museum. Man, they grow up fast.

I'm holding Logan while Adam's sipping on his smoothie about 5 feet away from a mountain lion (through the glass behind us).

This is on the other side of the glass. My mom and Adam stand in front of the mountain lion habitat with the wiley cat right above them, ready to perch!!

Alright, Adam and Logan are posing in front of the ground squirrels!!

"So you see, this plate of rice is like the evolutionary soup that we came from. We all started as single-celled organisms that resembled the shape of this very rice..."

"I love crackers!!"

And finally, I wanted to put this video in because it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I think it's even funnier for me because my 2-year old (up until a couple of weeks ago) was deathly afraid of this thing. I wanted to get some video of Logan (~9 mos.) chasing Adam (~2 years), but alas he's no longer afraid of it. Anyway, enjoy!!


Green Montana said...

Hey Goodmans,

You have such a darling family. It sounds like things are going pretty well in Az. We just wanted to say hi. Let us know if you ever head up to Glacier or Yellowstone- we'd love to see you.
Josh & Lindsey Green

Brooke said...

Hey Goodman Family!!! It was so fun to see your blog and see your cute kiddos! Hope all is well in AZ! -Brooke and Aaron Birch

Megan and Eric Barnhurst said...

We just found your blog too! It's so fun to reconnect through the blogging world. Your boys are really cute, and it looks like you are enjoying Arizona. Take care! Megan and Eric

Ange said...

hey cousins,
its ange (lines) messinger, just found your blog. your kids are so cute. hope all is well.