Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here Comes the Bride (and Groom)!!

Okay, okay. So I still haven't developed the pictures from the disposable camera from the zoo trip. It might never happen. I've just gotten too used to the convenience of digital. Anyway, my brother got married a few weeks ago and I had a few pictures from that, so here goes.This is my youngest brother Caleb and his new wife, and also my chairside assistant, Sarah. Her dress has a flowing, life-like train of human hair. It's all the rage in Tucson right now.

This is Adam who used to like to ride his bike with the handlebars backwards. He has since learned the correct way. This was actually a week before the wedding.

This is Erin and Adam at the Costco Home store right after the luncheon. Adam loves to golf...or do pretty much anything with any type of ball.

To end this post, here's my grandma Ethel and I. She is one of my favorite people in the world. I lived with her my Freshman year of college (her house was right by the U of A) and we were able to share many good times together. Congratulations Caleb and Sarah on your new union. Now, get busy and start working on some cousins for my kids to play with!!!


Alan said...

Dude your Grandma Rocks! I seem to recall spending some time over there as well maybe a few hot meals, a few late nights sorting through DW's and of course a few prank calls made from your Grandma's phone.

Anonymous said...

Wow, who would of thought that ol' Caleb would have finally grown up. I still remember playing James Bond's Man with the Golden Gun against him for hours. Crazy!

Tell him Congrats for me.