Monday, November 3, 2008

July Activities

Ye Olde Renegade

This is my trusty quad. It's a Can-Am Renegade and it's a really fun quad to drive. We took this and my wife's quad up to Richfield, UT to ride the hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails around the mountains there.

I went with my dad and my brother and we met my sister there. My brother Vance is in the middle and my sister Aubrey is on the right. Somehow, I'm the only one that catches all the dirt on my face. Notice how Vance still looks pretty happy?!! This was less than an hour before his big accident on my wife's 2-day old quad that pretty much totalled it along with a couple of his fingers.

The scenery is very green and beautiful with many lakes and meadows spread throughout. There's my bro again taking a picture of his own.

This is a picture of my dad and brother again planning the day's ride. That's my wife's orange and black quad in the background there pre-accident.

I don't remember exactly, but this might have been the ride into the hospital in Richfield (we were camping in the mountains about 30 miles away). My dad doesn't really have a Bell's Palsy. It's just a face he likes to make sometimes. I wish we'd thought to take a picture of his dislocated fingers, but we were a little in shock to do anything but stare.

A few weeks later, we had a big double family reunion with the Goodmans and Busbys. Our grandmas were twins and it was their 90th birthday celebration. We went up to Cyclone Lake in the White Mountains of Arizona. There were a couple hundred people there and I was assigned to take pictures, but I won't bore you with a bunch of my cousins. Erin and I were able to bring the kids and we stayed in a log cabin on a nearby Indian reservation. It was a lot of fun for all.
Here's Adam in front of the lake that nobody was allowed to swim in because "the indians drank the water downstream". Although, you were allowed to put fishing boats and other foreign objects in there. We cheated a bit and let the kids put their feet in. They ended up splashing each other and we had to take their clothes off.

Logan constantly had a handful of rocks and was always throwing them in the water to see the splash.

I thought this was kind of a cool shot at twilight (the best time of the day!)

This was another action shot of one of my distant cousins showing off one of the crawdads he caught from the lake.

Here's Erin and me in front of the lake before the splashing and soakedness began. We had a great time out there and it was so great to see (almost) all of our family up there in "them mountains over there."

To end this up, we snuck into town one day in Show Low/Pinetop area and test drove what Adam calls "a go-kart". He's quite obsessed with any type of off-road vehicle (almost as obsessed as I am!!), but at the same time he's hesitant to get in them himself. It took quite a while to talk him into this picture.


slcrosbyfamily said...

Oh, Aaron, you're so funny! "Bore you with a bunch of pictures of my cousins...." Hahahahaha. Ha. Funny stuff.
your cousin

Katrina said...

Hey Aaron,

It's your oh so distant cousin Katrina. you know, the daughter of Don and Sue Robinson. I love the pics!! Glad no one required a serious hospital stay. your kids are very cute, bet they keep you busy. Anyway, I am glad to have found your blog, check out mine if you have a chance.


Brooke said...

How fun! We took our "wheeler," as Hunter calls it, to Richfield in July. We met a bunch of relatives and went riding everyday. It's so pretty up there once you wipe of the dirt and dust from the goggles!

Jeffrey said...

Looks like a fun trip. Yes Aaron I did speak with your cousin Nick at the triathlon. I met him last year at your boy's blessing. He sure is fast - but I beat him in the swim part, ha
how's the new office?

Miriam said...

What about pics of aunts and uncles???
Love Aunt Miriam

Kristin said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had! Great to keep up on what you guys are up to!

Brent and Brooke said...

What a fun trip! It look so pretty there. I want one of those go-karts too, those things are so much fun! Tell Aubrey Hi and that I miss her!