Sunday, March 8, 2009

A September to Remember

Well, if anyone can remember back to September, that's where I left off. That was back when it was warm and sunny and you had to get into the water to cool off...or else (in Arizona at least!!) This will show our lake trips during the months of September. Pictured above is Erin (my brother Vance's wife) and their trusty sidekick Bailey!! They are sitting in our boat waiting for some action.

This is my brother Caleb and his lovely young bride of about 6 months at that time, Sarah. Tubing is one of our family's national pasttimes. The goal is to see how quickly you can whip the boat around so that you hit your own wake and send the tube's occupant's flying!! Fun fun!

This is Erin's sister Genie and her husband Rugbert (or Robert). They came down from Provo to experience an AZ Lake trip. Robert likes to wear those silly boat hats that were popular back in the '60s. Genie sticks with the traditional baseball caps.

Here we have Erin (Vance's wife) again telling us where to go stick it...right before her wakeboarding prowess takes over.

Here's Jeff Mitchell of Casa Grande. He's a guy I went to Dental School with and him and his daughter (Hayley, pictured below) came with us to cool off a bit. He's holding Logan (my #2).

And there's the ever-adorable Hayley chilling on the boat waiting for the next trip.

Next, we have my brother Vance attempting a back/front/sideways (??) flip. I don't think he's gonna' make it, you'd better just cover your head and wait for impact!!
Okay, okay. If my brother tries it, I have to try it too. It looks like a little better form, but unfortunately, my flip attempt met with the same awful fate as my brother's.
There we go!! That's a nice jump. Wakeboarding is also another great pasttime that our family loves. It has definitely overtaken slalom skiing, which is what we kind of grew up on as everyone's favorite.

Here's my son Logan again!! He really looks like he enjoys the water, doesn't he? About 3 months ago, he loved the water and Adam couldn't stand it. Now they've switched places.

Here's Adam and I riding the wake surfer, just waiting for the perfect swell...It never came, but we were dragged behind the boat for a while. Adam really liked it!

To cap off the summer, I love this picture of Adam mid-splash, having fun with my little bro Vance. The lake is a terrific place to go in the middle of the summer in AZ and it's a lifesaver with the kids. It's one of the true beauties of the AZ landscape.


LucyH said...

AH, the lake. Miss it and all those fun times with family. Congrats on #3! Lot's of boys on the Goodman side!

Robin and Larry said...

Aaron.. you seriously need a TAN! LOL! :)

Jeffrey said...

That was a great trip. Thanks for the invite.