Monday, September 22, 2008

Intermssion--Rattlesnake Alert

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I was going to continue on for the month of June tonight, but look what we discovered when I got home from work today.
An Arizona Rattlesnake was coiled up underneath my sons Power Wheels Jeep. As soon as he moved the Jeep forward a little bit, my wife was greeted by this little guy!!
Luckily, he had eaten pretty recently and was pretty groggy. In fact, he didn't even move until after I'd been home for about 20 minutes. Then, he started looking around.
So, we called the Fire Dept. They came and took the snake away in order to relocate it and while they were at our house, they deputized Adam and Logan with some badges. They were pretty excited.

Logan wasn't too worried about the whole thing!! He had his big brother watching over him!!!


Linda said...

From the looks of how big the rattler's body was bulging I thought he had swallowed one of the kids! I know that's not even funny! The pictures are great of Vegas, too.

Ras Family said...

Holy Macaroni!!!!! Did you guys have a cat? That is so crazy!! I would have been screaming and locking my kids in the house! That is really cool of the firemen to deputize your kids, I bet they were on cloud nine. By the way I am glad that you started updating your blog!!!

LucyH said...

Yeah that snake looks full. How scary though!

Alan said...

Awesome! Were moving back to AZ, and I thought I was leaving the land of snakes? If that had been my kids they would have picked it up and put it in their mouth!