Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, it was my niece Kyla's birthday and we all celebrated at little kid birthday headquarters PETER PIPER PIZZA!!!

Adam and I rode on the carousel a few times. It was a very tense time for Adam. And you can see my little bro in the background always posing for a picture.

Here is my dad and Logan enjoying the festivities. One of Logan's favorite things to do is punish the floor by hitting it with his face. He more specifically went for a KO with his upper lip on this one.

Here's Adam on the game voted "Most Difficult to Get Adam to share with other Kids in Line" ATV ride. He loves quads, tractors, trucks, go-karts, motorcycles, etc. with a passion until he gets a chance to ride a real one. He then gets scared and runs to Mommy!!

Finally, this is a picture of our backyard in Tucson. Yep, that's real grass!! and about a half-size soccer goal. The kids love their smoothies. Logan has the classic worried look on his face that is almost a permanent fixture. Gotta' love 'em!!


IH-Texas said...

Aaron! Your little one's are too cute! Amie